The DRM Consortium Chair, Ruxandra Obreja, has contributed a very successful blog featured in Radioworld.  Below is a complete list of the blogs.  If you have any questions, please contact:



Digital Radio and The Role of Regulators: May 2018

What is the place of regulators in the world of broadcasting?

Can Digital Save Medium Wave? March 2018

Does medium wave still have a place in the radio landscape?

What is Local Radio’s Digital Future? December 2017:

There are many options for local radio to go digital, but what is their future?

Convergence: Opportunity or Dead End? October 2017:

Convergence is examined to see if it’s a dead end or an opportunity.

Commercial Stations’ Digital Dilemma, August 2017:

The digital dilemma for commercial stations is explored.

When Digital Is More than Just Radio, May 2017:

The emergency warning functionality is examined.

Digital: Old Myths or New Realities? January 2017:

Considering the best ways for introducing digital broadcasting to guarantee growth and success.

Digital: Catch All or Step by Step? November 2016:

Exploring what is the best way to digitize radio.

Who Is Looking After the Little Guy? October 2016:

Who is really looking after the little guy?

Listeners Want Choice, Possibilities, August 2016:

Choice and possibilities are explored.

Radio’s Three Digital Radio Standards, March 2016:

Looking into the three digital radio standards.

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