The DRM Consortium Chair, Ruxandra Obreja, has contributed a very successful blog featured in Radioworld.  Below is a complete list of the blogs.  If you have any questions, please contact:



Digital Radio: What’s your strategy? August 2018:

Strategy is the hot topic which DRM Chair, Ruxandra Obreja will be exploring in her blog for RadioWorld.

Digital Radio and The Role of Regulators: May 2018

What is the place of regulators in the world of broadcasting? This is the topic in DRM Chair, Ruxandra Obreja’s blog for RadioWorld

Can Digital Save Medium Wave? March 2018:

Does medium wave still have a place in the radio landscape?

What is Local Radio’s Digital Future? December 2017:

There are many options for local radio to go digital, but what is their future?

Convergence: Opportunity or Dead End? October 2017:

Convergence is examined to see if it’s a dead end or an opportunity.

Commercial Stations’ Digital Dilemma, August 2017:

The digital dilemma for commercial stations is explored.

When Digital Is More than Just Radio, May 2017:

The emergency warning functionality is examined.

Digital: Old Myths or New Realities? January 2017:

Considering the best ways for introducing digital broadcasting to guarantee growth and success.

Digital: Catch All or Step by Step? November 2016:

Exploring what is the best way to digitize radio.

Who Is Looking After the Little Guy? October 2016:

Who is really looking after the little guy?

Listeners Want Choice, Possibilities, August 2016:

Choice and possibilities are explored.

Radio’s Three Digital Radio Standards, March 2016:

Looking into the three digital radio standards.

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