DRM Emergency/Disaster Warning feature is key for India

DRM Emergency/Disaster Warning feature is key for India

The Emergency Warning Feature is an integral key element of the Digital Radio Mondiale standard. Thanks to EWF, authorities can reach listeners in case of pending disasters without extra cost or effort on any device with built-in DRM digital radio functionality, even if all local infrastructure is no longer available. Receivers switch automatically to the emergency programme, which consists not only of audio announcements, but also detailed textual information in various languages simultaneously to speed-up the communication of detailed information and instructions including non-native speakers and audiences with impairments.

During our technical Workshop in New Delhi senior All India Radio engineers could learn about the standardized components and exact functionality of DRM EWF, and even experience the DRM receiver behaviour with a live DRM signal – followed by practical training sessions on how to configure the various DRM broadcast encoders operated by AIR.

The DRM Emergency Warning Features is a highly beneficial component of the digital transition, as it combines the natural benefits of digital radio in terms of content options and coverage for the benefit of the society as a whole – far beyond the pleasures of radio as an entertainment medium

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