DRM German Platform Meeting

DRM German Platform Meeting

Delegates from the transmitter and receiver industry, broadcasters, regulators and research organizations exchanged the latest news covering DRM in Germany, Europe and worldwide, followed by a range of valuable presentations and discussions.  A very encouraging compilation of upcoming and already ongoing chipset and receiver activities (including dongles, desktop and car receivers) around the world was collectively assembled based on the combined knowledge of the participants.  A paper on the possible application of DRM+ for local and regionalized broadcasters in Germany, which had been prepared during the past meetings, was presented in the published final version.  Participants enjoyed the latest updates and demonstrations on DRM related topics such as EWF (DRM Emergency Warning Feature), MPEG  xHE-AAC (the latest MPEG audio codec recently added to the DRM system specification), News on the Ship via DRM (a service provided by Media

Broadcast to deliver information services with audio and text components to ships around the world), low-cost solutions for small non-commercial broadcasters, and demonstrations of Android based DRM receiver prototypes (with USB dongle front-ends).  The event was built around a lively discussion on how to best move  forward in Europe backed by the very encouraging and successful roll-out  in India and other countries.

Alexander Zink, Vice-chair of the DRM Technical committee – (Fraunhofer IIS)

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