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Note to the Manufacturers of DRM equipment

A DRM Patent Pool was formed in 2003 in order to facilitate a simple “One-stop” licensing regime for manufacturers. There is no link, either financial or managerial, between the DRM Consortium and this pool of licensors.The licensing of DRM IPR is undertaken by VIA Licensing, a Licensing Administrator acting on behalf of the licensor patent pool: see The VIA web-site gives details of royalty fees for all classes of DRM equipment. There is no royalty charge for actual use of the system(broadcasting or reception).



Avion DRM Receiver

Avion Electronics

Avion Electronics (India) launched its Indian made receiver AV-DR-1401 recently. The receiver offers full DRM features including the Emergency Warning Feature.



Gospell DRM Receiver

Gospell DRM Receiver

Gospell GR216

The Gospell GR-216 is the new generation DRM receiver.  GR-216 is equipped to receive DRM broadcast, as well as traditional FM with RDS and AM in medium wave band and shortwave band. Featuring a high performance DRM/AM/FM tuner, GR-216 provides noise-free reception of even the weakest stations. It supports the latest audio compression standard xHE-AAC and traditional HE-AAC as well as SBR and parametric stereo.

For additional information, please visit or contact Gospell sales at



Himalaya DRM 2009

The Himalaya DRM2009 is a standalone radio which supports DAB/DRM/AM/FM services. It is a real portable receiver that could be run either by AC or batteries. With the SDcard slot, it can also be used as a MP3 player.



TechniSat MultyRadio

The Technisat MutlyRadio 1 is an “analogue / digital combo Radio”, which allows you to receive both conventional analogue broadcasters on long, medium and short wave FM and digital radio with DRM / DAB / DAB Band III and L Band.



Uniwave Di-Wave 100

The Uniwave Di-Wave 100 offers all the digital radio multimedia features like station name, programme information, Journaline, MOT Slideshow and listening time shift. The radio can receive DRM broadcasts in SW, MW and LW as well as analogue FM. The receiver also has a USB/SD card -reader and mp3/mp4 play-back.

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