DRM Specifications

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DRM System Specification : ETSI ES 201 980 V4.1.1

DRM Data applications directory: ETSI TS 101 968

Contribution and distribution:

Distribution and Communications Protocol (DCP): ETSI TS 102 821

Multiplex Distribution Interface (MDI): ETSI TS 102 820

Receiver Status and Control Interface (RSCI): ETSI TS 102 349

Data applications:

MOT Slide Show: ETSI TS 101 499

XML Specification for Electronic Programme Guide (EPG): ETSI TS 102 818

DRM-TMC (Traffic Message Channel): ETSI TS 102 668

All ETSI specifications are openly published and free to download from

Journaline ETSI TS 102 979

Standards maintained by the DRM Consortium:

The following specifications have been agreed by the DRM Consortium and will be standardised through an internationally recognised satandards body at a later date:




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