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Fraunhofer DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App

Sender: Dr. Thamminana Krushna Rao



DRM is compatible with existing frequency allotments

Sender: Hay Mar Myint



Distance Education with DRM

Sender: Bo Htoon




DRM SW transmitter in Amazonian Region of Brazil

Sender: Radio Miami


DRM Receivers


DRM IBC Showcase – Stacked with great updates and news.

Sender: Neelakandan V



Your IBC Showcase on 9th September will it be just a technical presentation?



Desktop receivers are still a challenge. How are receivers in cars working in India?

Sender: Several Listeners




DRM allows for pictures on the screen then Journaline can embed the images

Sender: Rajesh Kurian


What does DRM give the listener that the internet does not?

Sender: Mike Terry



What do we need to install signage at strategic locations across the country?

Sender: Sunil Bhatia





Do you need a specific receiver for the reception of the DRM signal?

Sender: Narayanaraj Ramasamy




For the transmission of images/animation in slide shows, what will be the impact of receiver C/N , compared to audio only service? Will it be different?

Sender: M S Duhan





Demonstrating how information can be displayed on large public screens using DRM.

Sender: Ashok Kale



Discussing distance education and weather the date rate is low in medium wave application and not in sync with the student.

Sender: Ashok Kale




 Journaline Application with Arabic Language


Is there any problem if we use the Journaline application in DRM with Arabic language fonts

Sender: Lotfi Chelali







How to reach open distance learning to unreached rural and tribal communities through DRM digital broadcast?

Sender: Dr. Thamminana Krushna Rao






What kind of receiver can we get to use for lessons delivered by DRM, What is the difference in cost between a normal DRM receiver and a DRM receiver for education?


Sender: Bo Htoon







How can a receiver be automatically turned on in time of emergency?


Sender: Sumit Kumar







Will a DRM receiver work in South Africa?


Sender: Ari Damoulakis




Can DRM integrate with mobile phone, as FM does?


Sender: Dhiraj Mishra






I would like to know if there is a DRM service beamed to my area?


Sender: Arap Meli






What does Mondiale stand for in the name DRM?


Sender: Eugen Ionescu, Romania






Mobile phones are common and available worldwide. Can DRM be received on mobile phones?


Sender: Mike Terry






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