An Estimated 50% of People on the Planet Have no Access to Internet – Your Questions Answered

An Estimated 50% of People on the Planet Have no Access to Internet – Your Questions Answered

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9th November 2020


Will social media make radios redundant as some think that TV and internet will be the future surely? [Mike Terry]



This cannot be true in areas without any internet access, or with a service that is so slow that it is not useful the way that it is in well-connected areas. Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea have the best levels of internet availability, but an estimated 50% of people on the planet have no access to internet UNESCO estimates there are an additional 250 million more women than men without internet access. In India, over 500 million people have no possibility of internet access! The Covid-19 crisis has shown that many families with internet access cannot use the internet for both work and schooling at the same time (especially in the USA) because of either lack of computers or insufficient bandwidth, meaning that millions of families face an agonising choice between working and providing an education for their children. You have to reach them to teach them, both in normal life and times of crisis. DRM is specifically designed to provide digital data services to regions without nearby infrastructure and complement any existing internet services. Only a receiver and a source of energy is required to receive DRM broadcasts without paying for data plans or carrying TV sets with you.

Note that DRM is simply the modulation technique used to compress the content into the transmitted bandwidth as efficiently as possible and provide all the advantages of DRM. As a delivery platform it remains the most spectrum and energy efficient, easiest and most versatile with a coverage, quality and number of benefits unmatched by other platforms.