Band with most DRM transmitters – Your Question Answered

Band with most DRM transmitters – Your Question Answered

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In which band are the most DRM transmitters?

(Iranian expert)

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A deceivingly simple question. As DRM is as effective in LW, MW, SW and bands 1,2 (FM) and 3, its coverage capabilities go from very wide, international coverage to local services. In digital DRM the quality of sound and additional data services is the same, no matter which transmitter and for which band it is used. Just comparing figures (over 35 in India, several SW transmitters used by international broadcasters, digital FM transmitters in Indonesia, also Denmark and Russia) gives only a partial view. The main thing is that just over 35 MW transmitters can cover about 900 million in India and that DRM is the only digital audio broadcasting standard that offers an upgrade option from analogue to digital. What counts is not the number of transmitters but the actual needs of a community, a region, a country or more.