Can DRM integrate with mobile phone without any external RF dongle


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Can DRM integrate with mobile phone without any external RF dongle, as FM does?

(Bikash Ghorai)



Today’s phones cannot be used for DRM as they are. They need to be made DRM ready. Manufacturers have already built all the required hardware components into today’s phones, so therefore no extra cost will apply when adding DRM. Only a more suitable design is required to allow proper access to the FM front-end chip as the FM front-end built into many phones today is already sufficient for DRM reception – no change in hardware required at all.

The DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App receives from the external RF dongle via USB pure “IQ” data, i.e. the digitised on-air signal. All the DRM specific decoding is carried out by the app itself, without any hardware involvement. All the manufacturers need to do is to wire those RF front-end chips in such a way that the ‘IQ’ signal can be accessed by the DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App. That’s all.