Costs to Set Up a DRM Broadcast Station – Your Question Answered

Costs to Set Up a DRM Broadcast Station – Your Question Answered

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How much does it cost to set up a DRM broadcasting station?

(UAE technician)

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A one-billion-dollar question! A station has a wide meaning as it refers to the actual broadcast station, the studio, and also to the transmitter-antenna set up ready to broadcast via airwaves the digital content created by journalists at the “station”.
To set up a completely new station also requires a license, a frequency on which to broadcast and so much more. What we can say is that DRM uniquely allows for a smooth transition from analogue to digital.
It offers the path of upgrading to digital of newer analogue transmitters (in AM and FM). Adding a head-end, the content server (the digital converter of sound to digital) in studios (best) or at the transmitter sites is also relatively simple.
The bottom line is that with DRM broadcasters can digitise using the existing infrastructure, significantly cutting the energy costs (up to 90% in digital FM).
The savings can be assigned to creating new content, getting new kit and receivers, while remaining in control of the infrastructure. An unbeatable and excellent solution. For more information go to
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