How can DRM save lives – Your Question Answered

How can DRM save lives – Your Question Answered

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How could DRM EWF save Iran from some emergencies, let’s say blizzards etc.

(Question posed during IMTEC event – January 2022)

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DRM supports and provides a fully integrated disaster and early warning service called Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF), part of the DRM system specifications, and as described in Recommendation ITU-R BS.1114-7 and is a European Telecommunications Standards Institute standard (ES 201 980). EWF support is mandatory (see DRM minimum receiver requirements with no need for special chipsets or extra adaptation for EWF). This functionality gives complete mass notification (including to impaired listeners) with complete and detailed information with audio and multilingual on-demand text (Journaline). When disasters/catastrophes occur DRM receivers are provided with switch or even wake-up signals and alternative frequencies to get emergency programmes. As DRM works in all bands, a transmitter outside the disaster area can target just the affected population with the necessary, complete information and leave unaffected areas outside the emergency signal.

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