DRM Distribution Robustness and Error Correction – Your Question Answered

DRM Distribution Robustness and Error Correction – Your Question Answered

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When the digital signal is transported over MDI (UDP/IP) any forward error correction codes are used?

(Indian university lecturer)

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Yes. MDI (DRM Multiplex Distribution Interface) is the specification of the actual content being sent from a DRM ContentServer to a DRM transmitter. The actual transport protocol underneath is called DCP (Distribution & Communication Protocol) – also a standard maintained by the DRM Consortium. DCP support actual transmission of content via serial line connections or UDP/IP – uni-directional in any case. It therefore contains a powerful FEC mechanism, which can be configured in strength and allows the receiving device to re-assemble full MDI packets even if some UDP packets were lost on the way or if a serial connection had bit errors.

Modern equipment also support features such as network load balancing by allowing to set a delay value to spread the UDP/IP fragments representing a single MDI packet over time, including the option for interleaving of fragments of multiple successive MDI packets, to increase robustness even on unreliable connections.