DRM FM Trials

DRM in the FM Band – Summary of Live Complexes and Trials


Here is a compendium of several of the live DRM complexes operating in the FM band today world over and a summary of the most important DRM live transmission trials in the FM band. The results are a testimony of the performance of the DRM standard specifically in the FM. Several countries across the globe have embraced DRM — owing to its performance, power and spectrum efficiency, advanced features, openness (i.e., not depending on or controlled by a single company) and flexibility — as the choice of digital radio technology for their nationwide FM digitization.


DRM is the high-quality and feature-enhanced digital replacement for the former analogue radio broadcasting standards AM and FM; as such it can be operated with the same channeling and spectrum allocations as currently employed. DRM has received the necessary recommendations from the ITU, hence provides the international regulatory support for transmissions.


DRM FM Successful Trials