DRM IBC Showcase – stacked with great updates and news

DRM IBC Showcase – stacked with great updates and news


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14th September 2020


In your DRM Showcase, it was shown that you can have up to 18 DRM FM programmes. Is this from 18 locations or one single transmitter? [Neelakandan V]



6 DRM signals (96kHz each) are combined with least spectral gap, occupying a total bandwidth of around 600kHz, from a single FM transmitter (around the former single FM frequency), providing 18 audio services and many data services. This mode can be used with standalone FM transmitters easily, scaling the number of available services/(stations) in a given service area. This provide multiple channels , NOW required for (DRM) educational  use catering to students of different  classes inexpensively (without recurring broadband  data cost). The current FM transmission occupies 200-300kHz around the transmission frequency and carries only one audio service and RDS. However, this higher bandwidth use may not be easily available for us at transmitter sites using EXISTING high-power combiners. This then requires some innovative upgrade strategies. The network planning agency is the one to allow the higher bandwidth to use for the available white space, maximizing the spectral efficiency and use of existing installation.