DRM in the FM Band does not Require a Receiver or Chip – Your Question Answered

DRM in the FM Band does not Require a Receiver or Chip – Your Question Answered

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8th March 2021


During the Delhi trial currently on, we saw mobiles carrying DRM in the FM band as part of the demo. What would be the adoption requirements of something like this and impact on phone processing and costs? [India WhatsApp group]


DRM in the FM band specifically has the unique benefit for manufacturers that it does not require a dedicated receiver chip or costly re-designs of existing phones. This allows for cheap and effortless native DRM support in all future phones that currently support analogue FM reception, without extra cost for the consumer or any external components. This can be achieved through access to the existing analogue FM front-end already built into modern phones. To become reality this requires acceptance, some effort and possibly a new business model.

The dongle or add-on option is also a great way to enhance existing phones during the transition period. We hope that as the whole DRM processing is taking place in the DRM radio app to be installed on the phones, this will be soon available to any interested listener in the Google Play store.