DRM in the World – Your Question Answered

DRM in the World – Your Question Answered

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Where is DRM in the world

(Brazilian DXer)?

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A simple question with a nuanced answer. DRM is an-all band digital audio, ITU-recommended, open standard that covers huge areas. Some territories receive DRM broadcasts, others originate them and quite a lot of countries do both. We have knowledge of many broadcasts, but not all of them, as the standard can be used by anyone without reference or licenses from our not-for-profit Consortium (it is a genuinely “open” to everybody standard).

To give you an idea of where DRM is or is being considered in the world you can access this November summary: Global Country Update – Countries broadcasting and planning to roll out DRM.

If you know of DRM broadcasts, demos or roll-out plans not mentioned in the document, please share them with us by writing to: