DRM licencing fees in receivers – Your Question Answered

DRM licencing fees in receivers – Your Question Answered

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How much is the technology royalty for DRM receivers? Can you estimate the amount of those fees for a DRM receiver manufacturer?
(Asked during HFCC webinar of 2021-09-01)
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DRM is an open standard meaning anyone can start implementing DRM equipment as all the technical specifications are openly published. There are no trade secrets or license contracts to be signed with the DRM Consortium, and therefore nobody can be denied access to the full DRM technology!

There is a single one-time fee for manufacturers of DRM equipment (receivers and broadcast equipment), but no per-use or recurring payments. This small fee applies only once per final device (not individually for chips, components, modules, etc.).

The technology royalty per DRM receiver starts at around 1.1 USD for individual units (down to as low as 0.13 USD at high quantities). In addition there is a special reduced price for emerging markets, including most of the markets in Asia, Africa, South America, etc. For those markets the royalty fee is roughly between 0.76 USD and 0.09 USD one-time per device.

Details can be found on the DRM page of Via Licensing: