DRM for FM (Frequency Modulation) Trial in Delhi – Your Question Answered

DRM for FM (Frequency Modulation) Trial in Delhi – Your Question Answered

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15th March 2021


The DRM Multimedia Player in action was being used and working very well during the current DRM for Fm trial in Delhi. Which type of mobile is working on?


The DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App should work on almost any Android phone model that supports USB host functionality – the CPU and memory requirements are pretty modest, and its current version supports Android back to 4.4 (or 4.2). Currently supported RF front-end USB dongles include AirSpy HF+ family, SDRplay family (Mirics chipset), and Realtek (RTL) based dongles supported by the rtl_tcp/SDRdriver drivers on Android.

(Particularly for the RTL based dongles there are quite affordable models available. While SDRplay/AirSpy dongles are autodetected, the RTL based dongles require the manual launch of the SDR driver tool before starting the DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App.)

Any external USB receiver dongle is only seen as a solution for the transition solution – eventually the DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App should ship as the default digital radio app on newer phones (Android, feature phones, etc.), as it only requires manufacturers to grant digital access to the (analogue) FM frontend receiver already built into many phone models. No addition of expensive extra receiver chips and eventual redesign of phone models is required. The App should be available in App Store within weeks. For first-hand updates subscribe to the free Newsletter