DRM Multiplex – Your Question Answered

DRM Multiplex – Your Question Answered

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22nd March 2021


You have announced excellent results when transmitting a multi-platform configuration? What is it? A multiplex?


DRM services can be broadcast from the same ‘Common Technical Platform’ (CTI) in use today (in India and elsewhere), accommodating multiple FM transmitters with a shared site and antenna. DRM takes this a step further by also turning the FM-band transmitter itself into a shared resource. This approach not only minimizes the one-time equipment investment for broadcasters while delivering significant power cost savings. Recently in Jaipur, the DRM Consortium showed for the first time in a live on-air environment, how Multi-DRM configurations with 4 and even 5 DRM blocks (each occupying 96 kHz and capable of carrying up to 3 audio programmes and one multimedia service like Journaline), can perfectly and efficiently use the white-spaces in-between existing analogue FM services, while not affecting the reception of those ongoing FM services at all.