DRM Public Signage services – Your Question Answered

DRM Public Signage services – Your Question Answered

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DRM has a service called Public Signage. Who transmits the data to the public screens and what frequency bands are being used to broadcast the information?

(Indian student)

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As DRM allows not only the excellent audio broadcast in all broadcasting frequency bands but also data, serving public signage stations (i.e. at bus stops, railways, in public places like hospitals, general public offices etc.) is an interesting application. The information will be transmitted as data from a transmitter, and this can be in the shortwave, medium wave or even FM bands. The content and the interval at which the message will be repeated, changed and even the alternation of messages will be decided by the broadcaster together with their partner (government, advertiser etc.). The one example we have seen was using a medium wave transmitter to cover a medium-sized city with messages that where split on the screen between public information and advertising. Feeding public boards over a whole city or even region using DRM is an economic and very efficient way of supplying the same information to the whole population and an efficient way of using profitable visual advertising.