Affordable DRM Receivers – Your Question Answered

Affordable DRM Receivers – Your Question Answered

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25th January 2021


When will DRM receivers be available in large numbers at low prices? We need affordable, portable radios at 1000 rupees [Ram Mohan]


Indeed. This is what manufacturers are working on. But simultaneously the transmissions need to be fine-tuned in terms of technical quality, coverage, and content-selection, along with the appropriate information campaign. AIR is already making great efforts in improving transmissions, getting new fresh content and also letting listeners know about the great digital benefits.

1000-rupee receivers will not be the first generation of receivers, but once the listeners are on-board to buy new receivers, there is a market for all classes of DRM receivers. And the prices of some receivers have started coming down already. A digital radio or gadget for 13 dollars needs volumes of millions, even hundreds of millions or billions. DRM is no different from any new technology and will get there.