DRM Signage Services – Your Question Answered

DRM Signage Services – Your Question Answered

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26th April 2021


I have seen that using terrestrial DRM, data an pictures, the signage service, can be displayed publicly on large screens. Can DRM carry only one signage service, or it can carry multiple signage services for different screens: e.g. one for government news, other for education, commercials, etc. [Ravi Saksena]


The DRM Signage Service can be configured to use a full Journaline service and present its entire content, or just a sub-set of it (one set of information or several). This content is then combined with locally stored background images and graphics layout instructions, which can be updated over DRM e.g. during night-time. Due to the use of CSS/HTML technologies, the presentation can be adjusted automatically for varying screen sizes.