Education via Digital Radio – Your Question Answered

Education via Digital Radio – Your Question Answered

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What is the advantage of doing education via digital radio when we have the internet?

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In order to access lessons and information via internet you need…an IP link, a paid data programme, electricity; in principle, all of these.

According to a recent UNICEF-ITU report two thirds of the world’s school-age children have no internet access at home. During the first major COVID-19 disruption last year school was closed in 105 cxountries affecting 1 billion students. As DRM can cover large areas in AM and be received locally on FM bands, making audio, images, diagrams, maps, exercises available “live” and for recording and later use can be a school life saver. Radio cannot replicate IP but delivering lessons and education in compact, well-structured form might be eventually more effective.

Here is how it works: Distance Learning and Education.