European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Digital Radio Summit 2016

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Digital Radio Summit 2016

The EBU Digital Radio Summit 2016 took place in Geneva on 10th of February 2016 and welcomed major European radio stakeholders, broadcasters, manufacturers and technology organisations to a forum to exchange ideas and follow up on different developments in their countries.  The further trend to digitise radio experience was presented and also the need for closer cooperation and synchronisation of broadcast technology and audio programmes.

According to broadcasters the listeners’ experience and behaviour has changed in the past 10 years. One technology cannot cover all interests and so the listener is already using several technologies to access available radio programmes.  Broadcasters need to follow up on this trend and bridge the gap so that users don’t move to other platforms. The trend to concentrate technology and limit the listener’s choice is not feasible and therefore multiple sources will always be used.

Programme diversity and freedom in the programme selection is the choice of today’s listener. DRM as DRM30 for wide coverage and DRM+ as digital replacement for analogue FM in cities is one of the technologies allowing broadcasters to reach this goal and be available to the listener at any time and at any place. The broadcast community needs to understand the radio listener and fulfil this demand otherwise the technology will be replaced by other systems which are currently fulfilling these needs. The DRM technology can meet this demand.  We reported about the ongoing national and international developments.

The “Flexible and Complete Digital Radio for Europe” workshop in conjunction with the DRM general assembly in Erlangen, Germany on the 6-7th of April will bring more exchange of  ideas and progress in this endeavour.  You are welcome to join us and bring your experience for the further development of digital radio. Please contact:  for more details.

Matthias Stoll, Ampegon AG