Financial Gain for Private Broadcasters – Your Question Answered

Financial Gain for Private Broadcasters – Your Question Answered

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As a private broadcaster operator I would like to know what is the financial gain if I was to use DRM?

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The advantages are many like: the energy bill reduction of between 50% to 80%, the minimum investment needed as the existing infrastructure could be reused or repurposed in some instances.

Of great importance is the chance to diversify and increase the number of channels. Instead of one programme per allocated frequency in analogue FM, broadcasters can air by using DRM up to 3 radio programmes along with multimedia components on a single frequency of 96 kHz bandwidth only (half of an existing analogue FM frequency bandwidth). In addition, sharing a transmitter and antenna between independent broadcasters is the latest enhancement of the DRM standard in the FM band. Broadcasting of as many as six individual DRM signals from a single transmitter and antenna has been successfully demonstrated (e.g., India). One DRM channel carries two to three audio programmes, so on a single transmitter one could broadcast as many as 18 programmes in pure DRM mode. DRM supports single-frequency network operation (SFN) to serve a region or even the whole country on a single broadcast frequency for optimised listener coverage. And all this comes with the enhanced and multiple multimedia applications, unique to digital and DRM.

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