For Listeners

Benefits of Digital AM for Listeners


More choice


The average radio today can receive some 35-40 local FM stations and a handful of Medium Wave broadcasts.
DRM has the potential to bring to every radio a vast selection of new content. New programmes from the world’s leading international broadcasters. Quality speech radio on Medium Wave, focusing on national and regional topics. And, a world of community radios keen to find a voice.


No compromise in sound quality


The huge innovation that DRM brings is that Short Wave and Medium Wave broadcasts can now be heard in FM-like sound quality. And reception is excellent anywhere – in cities and in dense forests, indoors in a block of flats and outdoors while driving your car.


It is still a radio …


… and not a computer. Which means that you don’t need an internet connection to listen nor a Wi-Fi spot to tune in. And because of this, it is truly portable and mobile. You can take a DRM radio anyplace and listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.


A radio without boundaries


Because DRM is ideally suited to long range broadcasting, you can stay tuned to the same station as you cross regional and national boundaries and move from one country to the next. Imagine, for example, driving across Europe, for pleasure or as part of your job, and being able to stay tuned to your favourite radio station from back home – absolutely not other system can deliver that.


All the benefits of digital radio


A low cost DRM receiver will deliver all the benefits associated with modern digital radios. You have access to an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and you can tune in easily by frequency, station name or type of programme. In addition, the programmes come with associated text information – the name of the station, the title of the programme or record playing etc. And, as most DRM radios can also tune in to both the analogue FM and MW bands and DAB, where available, this will be the one device you will need to listen to all your favourite radio content.