For Manufacturers

Benefits of Digital AM for Manufacturers


Receiver, Transmitter and Semiconductor Manufacturers


Potentially, a vast new market


In the world there are a few billion analogue AM and even more FM radio receivers. More and more such receivers are coming onto the market now. The production of DRM radio receivers for cars, desktops, tablets, laptops, and also for mobile phones can expand the markets further. The DRM digital radio standard is a strategic opportunity for manufacturers to increase their business and profits. The plans for adoption of DRM in very large countries India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, China, South Africa to name only a few will increase trust among digital radio stakeholders that such projects are a reality.


A proven technology


The DRM technology has been demonstrated and continues across the globe, from the UK, to other European and Asian countries, to Brazil and the USA. The excellent results of the demonstrations have been made available and their success has been endorsed by the leading professional and scientific bodies in the industry, like ITU and ETSI.


An open standard


Unlike other digital technologies, DRM is an open, non-proprietary standard promoted by a not-for-profit Consortium. The associated Ips are independently administered by The IP is paid only once on the finished product by manufacturers. There are no other licences or fees to be paid by stakeholders or manufacturers.


A complementary and versatile technology


DRM is fully compatible with the Eureka-147 standard. It is relatively straightforward and cost effective to integrate DRM capabilities into a wide variety of devices, using the latest SDR solutions – from standard radio sets with multi-band functionality, to tablets, mobile phones and cars, either incorporated in the device itself or via dongles.


Get involved now, influence the future


The DRM Consortium brings together some of the biggest names in the broadcasting industry (BBC, AIR, Dolby, Fraunhofer IIS, Nautel, Ampegon, Silabs, RFmondial, RRI and many others) Members have the opportunity to influence not just the technical improvements but also the the regulatory authorities as the technology is being brought to the market.