For Manufacturers

Benefits of Digital AM for Manufacturers


Receiver, Transmitter and Semiconductor Manufacturers


Potentially, a vast new market


There are an estimated 2.5 billion analogue AM receivers currently in the world. As radio moves into the digital era, these devices will be replaced and, potentially, the market as a whole will expand further. This is an unmissable strategic opportunity. It is also worth noting that DRM is particularly to wide area coverage – hence, it is likely that it will be adopted in countries stretching over large territories, such as Russia, China and India which also have large populations and large markets.


A proven technology


The technology has been tested and continues to be tested across the globe, from Britain to Brazil. The results of the trials have always been made openly available and their success has been endorsed by the leading professional and scientific bodies in the industry. From a technological point of view, DRM is a mature, proven standard – no shortcomings and no hidden surprises.


An open standard


Unlike some digital technologies, DRM is an open, non-proprietary standard. The DRM Consortium holds the IP rights and licenses the technology to those organisations who want to use it and develop it further.


A complementary and versatile technology


DRM is fully compatible with the Eureka-147 standard on which the DAB and DMB technologies are based – indeed, it complements that standard as DRM is currently best suited to the AM bands while DAB has been promoted as an alternative to FM. More importantly, perhaps, in the short term, it is relatively straightforward and cost effective to integrate DRM capabilities into a wide variety of devices – from hybrid radio sets with multi-band functionality to handhelds and, soon, to mobile phones.


Get involved now, influence the future


The DRM consortium brings together some of the biggest names in the broadcasting industry. Members share ideas and know-how and have the opportunity to influence not just technical developments but also, crucially, at this stage the commercial strategy and the regulatory authorities as the Consortium gears up to bring the technology to market.


Multi-standard Chipsets


All major Chipsets Manufacturers have multi-Standard chipsets ready with DRM (NXP, Analog Devices, Parrot, ST Microelectronics, and PNP Networks)


Software Defined Radio for Cars – available from Fraunhofer IIS and Parrot Automotive