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17th May 2021

 Isn’t hybrid radio a better solution than standards like DRM? (listener in Germany)


Hybrid radio combines terrestrial broadcast and IP when such a connection is available and reliable. From a listener’s perspective hybrid radio is about receiving the content via the best way and standard available. It is also about interactivity and personalized content as, from a broadcaster’s perspective now, adding interactivity, personalized content and links to online resources can strengthen the listeners’ loyalty. And DRM is offering all these benefits without the need for IP. To bridge and link different standards such as analogue broadcasting, DRM, DAB, DAB+ and IP Streaming – DRM offers AFS (alternative frequencies). To add user interactivity, personalized content and to connect broadcast and online services DRM offers Journaline. DRM is not only the world’s only open standard, digital system for long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave and the VHF bands, including the FM bands but also a provider of extra benefits, subsumed under the term “hybrid”.