Measure the Audience – Your Question Answered

Measure the Audience – Your Question Answered

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Do you know if it is possible to measure the audience for a radio station on the DRM transmitter, e.g. how many people are tuned to it when transmitter is on?

(Francisco Braccini, Brazil)

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Since DRM is broadcast, you cannot measure audiences at the transmitter.
But there might be  broadcasters interested to achieve at least an indicative measurement.
The key is the interactive hot-button feature of Journaline. As broadcaster you invite your audience (those on connected receivers) to engage in song ratings,
polls, feedback, participation on call-in shows, digital purchases of songs played recently on air,
and of course explicit ad feedback (e.g., for direct orders, general feedback or when requesting discounts).

All these interactions are initially routed through the broadcaster’s servers and measurable.
If you combine this approach with the group-personalization of Journaline (users self-classifying by picking their preferred language, location, field of interest, etc.),
you can achieve many of the benefits typically associated with IP based individual
Internet streaming though using terrestrial digital broadcasting plus you still reach all the listeners that are not or cannot be online.