Monetising Data Channels – Your Question Answered

Monetising Data Channels – Your Question Answered

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How can the broadcasters monetise the data channels of DRM transmitters since you say in DRM on one analogue frequency up to three audio channels and one data can be transmitted in all frequency bands?

Ashok Kale

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The data channels can be used for carrying advertising of any sort. For example, the broadcaster can transmit sponsored prices, goods and services advertising, additional information to audio advertised info like phone numbers, ticket prices etc. through an open application, Journaline.

It is possible to address individual users e.g., based very specifically on their language, location, and topic preferences, allowing for the placement of targeted and specialized ads, which are much more relevant to the industry. The data channel can carry anything from simple text like a ticker to images etc.

Another business model would be to rent out a data channel top transmit proprietary data, of course with the right control so no unacceptable content is sent out. There are other models as well. In many ways the data channel can follow the model used for the internet advertising and can be as profitable. Can do even better as it has the sound to accompany or enhance it if so wished.