New! About DRM – Your Questions Answered

New! About DRM – Your Questions Answered

Our best specialists will respond in brief to your questions. We will post them regularly. Please submit them in writing and in audio with your picture and we will post the answers here. Please keep your questions short and relevant and send them to:

26th May 2020

I am a radio enthusiast living in Kenya, East Africa. I would like to know if there is a DRM service beamed to my area. I tried tuning to Radio Nigeria but seems their target is Europe. I use SDR. [Arap Meli]

As of the moment the BBC doesn’t have a DRM transmission for East Africa. We are though interested to learn that there is interest in DRM in Africa and that this listener is using a Software Defined Radio (SDR) and hope soon to publish some updated development work on open source receivers. As they say, Mr Meli, watch this space!

18TH MAY 2020

Can DRM integrate with mobile phones? [Dhiraj Mishra]

Yes. There are plug-in modules that will upgrade phones and tablet devices to receive and decode DRM signals. Both with external RF dongles for existing mobile phones, and as an internal software-only option for future phones – using the existing FM receiver component and thus not requiring any change in hardware design to support DRM in the FM band. The apps to receive DRM services in Android are available. (Click here for an example)

12th May 2020

There are 50,000 plus stations freely available on the internet. Mobile phones are common and available worldwide. Can DRM be received on mobile phones? [Mike Terry]

Like any studio broadcast, programmes transmitted using DRM can also be distributed via internet as a livestream or even as a podcast. DRM radio is simply a complementary medium to distribute the content to people without internet access as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The benefit for broadcasters to continue broadcasting in parallel to Internet streams is a flat distribution fee to potentially serve millions of listeners (no per-listener cost), and a level of exclusivity in their local market.