PC-based Receivers and Software

DRM+ Test Receiver

The PC-based DRM+ Test Receiver allows you to investigate and demonstrate the audio and multimedia capabilities of DRM+ broadcasting as well as perform field trials and intensive measurement campaigns


Dream DRM Sofware

Dream is a fully Open Source DRM30 and AM Software Radio with advanced features for both amateur and professional use. It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and can be used with any receiver supported by the Hamlib radio control libraries. It supports decoding of audio, text messages, EPG, AFS, BWS, Journaline and MOT Slide Show. It fully supports the RSCI for professional remote logging. Binaries and source code are available Website

NTi Rudolf Ille Nachrichtentechnik

DRB 30 & 32 PC-controlled Software Defined Radio (SDR) shortwave receiver platforms, compatible with most popular SDR software.


WiNRADiO Communications

Several solutions for internal professional shortwave PC-card version and external professional shortwave version with USB link (Picture: WR-G303i)


PUC-Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) is developing a Dream based DRM receiver with full support for running Ginga applications transmitted using the MOT protocol.