Note to the Manufacturers of DRM equipment

Equipment implementing the coding and modulation part of DRM requires the use of certain essential patents for which manufacturers need to make agreements with the patent holders.  The audio part of DRM falls entirely within the licencing of AAC undertaken by Via Licensing, a Licensing Administrator acting on behalf of the AAC licensor patent pool – see  The DRM Association and the DRM Consortium do not make any charges for the use of the DRM technology.


(as of 22 June 2020)



Gospell Digital Technology Co Ltd. first developed the DRM standalone Receiver GR 216 pictured left.


Now there are three more portable radios: GR- 224, GR-226 and GR-228


The Gospell receivers support all DRM frequency bands (AM and FM), using the latest audio codec xHE-AAC (for exceptional music and speech sound), as well as the advanced text feature called Journaline as well as the Emergency Warning (EWF) functionality.


The company is waiting for substantial orders. The price per unit will be reduced based on volume produced.





Communications Systems Inc. has upgraded its Avion DRM digital receiver AV-1401 by incorporating several enhancements, like improved sensitivity, Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF), with provision to switch on the receiver automatically when EWF signals are being received.  The company sells its product on Amazon India: at a reduced price per unit:  9255 Rupees (approx. $120) including shipping costs. The unit price, when ordering directly from Communications Systems Inc., is further reduced to 7790 Rupees (approx. $100), including taxes but shipping costs excluded.


The company is expecting substantial orders which will reduce price further due to increased volume.


Contact: &


In the video clip, Mr. Alexander Zink from Fraunhofer IIS in Germany presents the new version of the first Indian receiver produced by Avion Electronics (Communications Systems Inc.), India, showcased during the BES Conference and Expo in Delhi 2020.



This German/Swiss company has come up with a series of DRM receivers using all frequency bands (AM and FM) in various sizes and at different levels of complexity and prices. Apart from DRM digital functionality, the radios also feature the traditional analogue AM bands (MW and SW). These receivers are:


·       Small radio for after-market cars (Tuk-Tuk radio)
·       Standalone W24BT radio
·       Pocket radio W5BTBoombox V66
·       Standalone radio W42
·       Standalone radio W41 (one speaker)
·       Standalone radio W293


The receivers support all DRM frequencies (AM, MW and FM), the latest xHE-AAC audio codec for music and speech, Journaline advanced text and the DRM EWF emergency alert functionality. Some of the receivers are shown here.





Nedis is based in the Netherlands and is close co-operation with Starwaves. It has produced a small DRM receiver for all frequency bands and features all functionalities mentioned for the other receivers above.


Both Starwaves and Nedis are ready for mass market production of their receivers based on substantial orders, ensuring thus a reduction of the per unit price.




In the video clip, Mr. Johannes von Weyssenhoff, CEO of Starwaves, presents the new receivers of his company and of Nedis during the BES Conference and Expo in Delhi 2020.



Inntot Technologies has developed a software-based DRM Receiver for all form factors, namely, automotive infotainment, consumer segment and mobile phones.

The desktop radio is based on a generic processor and meets all the specifications for the Minimum Receiver Requirements for mediumwave (MW). The receiver supports all frequency bands (AM and FM), the xHE-AAC audio codec, Journaline, slideshow, Service Information & Program Information and the DRM EWF emergency alert feature.

The design has been field tested in a number of cities and rural areas in India. The final product is expected to be very cost effective.

Customer portfolio of Inntot includes Clarion, Telechips and other companies.



For more DRM products from Inntot, visit the Company’s website 

In the video clip below, Mr. Rajit Nair, CEO of Inntot Technologies, presents the new receiver solutions of Inntot the BES Conference and Expo in Delhi 2020.

The automobile receiver industry in India is already on board and has invested millions of dollars in the development of DRM digital radio capable receivers and the roll-out of DRM equipped cars is growing quickly by the month reaching over 2 million by now (May 2020)

Car manufacturers which have so far incorporated DRM digital receivers in their models in India are Hyundai, Maruti-Suzuki, Mahindra, GM Motors and lately Toyota.  More international car brands are planning or are in the process to fit DRM digital receivers in their vehicles. OEMs use chips from various manufacturers, such as NXP, Silabs and others.



One of the largest automotive chipset manufacturers in the world, based in the Netherlands, has recently showcased a new DRM solution for car OEMs during the New Delhi BES Conference and Expo 2020.


It has added FM support to AM, Journaline advanced text, and the xHE-AAC audio codec for music and speech.


In addition, NXP demonstrated at BES 2020 dual tuners and a cost-effective single tuner on DRM platforms shown above. These tuners also support the traditional analogue frequencies.



Gospell in China has recently developed car solutions:


a. The OEM device GR-5018CW
b. The after-market device GR-502 BCW. This unit will enable the cars already on road to
DRM digital reception.
c. The DRM car adaptor GR-227



RF2Digital is a South Korean company with a presence also in Germany. It has shown an SDR based dual automotive receiver solution for full DRM during the 2020 BES Expo in Delhi. The solution, still under development, gives a fast time-to-audio and fast scan function as well as other DRM features. The future product will give a much better experience to automotive users.

Inntot Technologies


Inntot Technologies based in India has an SDR based automotive receiver solution for DRM. Inntot is working with some of the major automotive tier-1 companies to launch the DRM receiver through OEMs. Inntot solution meets all the DRM RF performance requirements for automotive and has been field tested in a number of cities and rural areas in India.





Ampegon, based near Zurich in Switzerland, is the world’s leading provider of shortwave transmitters. Our transmitter range has various technological solutions for broadcasting at RF powers between 1kW and 500kW average outputs. Using the latest shortwave technology, transmissions can be made from a single transmitter across entire countries, regionally, or intercontinentally with high reliability and efficiency. As a member of the DRM consortium, all modern Ampegon transmitters are DRM-capable while many older models (including those supplied under the Thomson or Thales brands) are capable to be retrofitted with control system upgrades facilitating digital transmissions. Contact our experts to discuss your needs today using by emailing or using the website link.


Fraunhofer IIs

For over 30 years, Fraunhofer IIS has been a constant innovator in radio services and technologies, and a reliable supplier to the radio broadcast industry – all along the broadcast chain from studio to receiver. Today, Fraunhofer IIS is proud to provide a true one-stop shop offering to manufacturers, and a full service bouquet to broadcasters. Accordingly, our fields of activity comprise: Technologies, Solutions and Services.

In terms of technologies, Fraunhofer IIS has deep in-house know-how on the DRM standard, the required audio codecs, data application codecs including the Journaline text application and Emergency Warning Functionality EWF, and transport protocols such as DCP (the modern IP-based studio-transmitter link for DRM). Our ready-to-use solutions equally span the full transmission chain from broadcast encoder to receiver.

Fraunhofer Broadcasting/Streaming solutions


Journaline – The digital radio text service


For transmitter and head-end manufacturers we offer the ContentServer technology: a well-established, highly reliable and feature-rich encoder and multiplexer solution for digital radio. For third-party implementations, we offer the required audio- and Journaline encoder tools.

Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer™ R7


On the receiver side, Fraunhofer can supply chipset, module and receiver manufacturers with all the required components from DRM baseband demodulation to full service layer decoding including de-multiplexing, radio program management, and audio and data application decoding and rendering. Both consumer and professional radio solutions can be built on the MultimediaPlayer Radio App software, which integrates baseband and service layer decoding with versatile OEM layout options and technical interfaces for easy integration into other products.

Fraunhofer DRM MultimediaPlayer


Fraunhofer’s one-stop shop offerings for manufacturers are rounded-out by plenty of supporting services to broadcasters and the wider industry. This includes technical aspects like extensive manufacturer support options, broadcaster training and workshops, consulting to regulators, and constant innovation and development with contributions to future-oriented standardization


Nautel – Digital Broadcasters depend on Nautel


Nautel offers the industry’s broadest offering of solid-state DRM transmitters ranging from 1 kW to 2,000 kW MW with the NX Series, and 3.5 kW to 80 kW FM with the GV Series.


Whether building the BIGGEST or building for a BILLION, Nautel is ready to take on the world’s largest digital radio deployments.


BIGGEST – Five solid-state, DRM-enabled NX400 transmitters and a 2,000 kW combiner comprise the 2 Megawatt system at Europe’s most powerful MW station, Antenna Hungária.


BILLION – 33 DRM-enabled MW-AM NX Series transmitters comprised the world’s largest digital radio deployment to date for All India Radio which has the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents of the country.



Fraunhofer IIS

o Fraunhofer DRM MultimediaPlayer Radio App

o Fraunhofer DRM SDR Receiver Kit






The following links are to organisations involved in the DRM Software Radio Project, or who are suppliers of related equipment and technology.


Useful Links
Links to related sites
The following links are to organisations involved in the DRM Software Radio Project, or who are suppliers of related equipment and technology.
FhG Software Radio Software developer for the DRM Software Radio project.


AOR UK Ltd. Supplier of front-end receivers.


WiNRADiO Communications  Manufacturer of DRM capable PC- Receivers.


The following links are to sites that provide additional information about DRM receivers and modifications


DREAM DRM SOFWARE Dream is a fully Open Source.  DRM in AM Software Radio has advanced features for both amateur and professional use. It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and can be used with any receiver supported by the Hamlib radio control libraries. It supports decoding of audio, text messages, EPG, AFS, BWS, Journaline and MOT Slide Show. It fully supports the RSCI for professional remote logging. Binaries and source code are available. Website