Receiver Wake-up for Disaster Warnings – Your Question Answered

Receiver Wake-up for Disaster Warnings – Your Question Answered

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Digital radio is being described as being capable of delivering disaster warnings. Can DRM receivers do this? Under all circumstances?

(several European DRM enthusiasts)

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Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) had right form the beginning included in its DNA the Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF). DRM receivers can deliver disaster messages thus saving lives, in audio, text, pictures, in different languages and at increased volume. Most modern receivers have a standby function, something between “on” and really “off”. A receiver in standby is checking every few seconds if there is a change in transmission and if EWF messages are replacing the usual programmes. If an emergency warning is sent, the receiver “wakes up” and alerts instantly, day or night, to an imminent disaster. If a device is completely off this is not possible so for the EWF to be delivered a receiver needs to be on or on standby. For more info: