Spectrum Efficiency – Your Question Answered

Spectrum Efficiency – Your Question Answered


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Which digital radio system has the highest available bit rate for the amount of spectrum “real estate”?

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In the VHF band there is more “real estate” available, DRM is the most efficient with 1.8 kilobits/kHz. This is followed by DAB(+) 0.75 and all digital HDFM 0.48. In the high and medium frequency bands in the Americas, DRM is 3.6 and all digital HDAM 2.0 for a 20 kHz channel width, which uses part of each adjacent channels aggravating interference. To keep the digital within the channel a 10 kHz wide signal is used where DRM is 3.48 and all digital HDAM 2.0. In the rest of the world in the medium (and Europe’s low frequency bands) the equivalents are 3.6 for 18 kHz channel and 3.4 for 9 kHz channel.