Storing DRM Distance Learning Lessons to a Receiver

Storing DRM Distance Learning Lessons to a Receiver

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How can a DRM receiver or a cell/tablet used as a DRM receiver store lessons?
(Iranian specialist, anonymous)

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Using the extra audio and data capabilities of DRM, the audio lessons can be accompanied by text enabled through the Journaline application. So a student will receive and access lessons structured by language,
class level, subject and chapters for easy navigation. To prepare for live lessons, or to self-study, students can access the complete body of lesson information at any time, as this material is cached and stored in the receiver. The data, which can include complementary lesson notes, full textbooks including
graphics and formulas, illustrative images and quizzes, can be displayed and cached after being loaded as it is repeated periodically, on carousel. This data can also be used as notes to the lesson to be referenced during the class by students and teachers or be accessed for self-study at any time and as many times as needed afterwards. The Journaline textbook content is available in several languages simultaneously.