Switching to DRM from regular AM – Your Question Answered

Switching to DRM from regular AM – Your Question Answered

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Switching to DRM from regular AM and switching off the transmitters will result in a huge electronic waste of defunct AM radios. What is the plan for recycling or upcycling the radios especially in highly populous countries like India?

S Svaramakrishnan (India)

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Digital radio does not allow the use or digital upgrade of old AM radios, it is true. Therefore, Digital Radio Mondiale DRM offers a clear transition path to digitisation so people can get more content, more choice in better audio quality and with extra data and emergency warning capability. They can provide even internet content without IP connections on new digital receivers in cars, or with dongles and Bluetooth in mobiles and in newer standalone receivers. The new receivers are catering for simulcasting as they can receive both analogue and digital broadcasts. DRM offers great electricity savings to broadcasters. When receivers or receiver solutions are made available in the great volumes (India needs and can have) then the receivers can become cheaper thus giving both listeners and broadcasters a win-win green and modern solution.