The DRM Consortium Welcomes New Members

The DRM Consortium Welcomes New Members

In the preparatory weeks of the DRM General Assembly new European companies have joined the not-for-profit international organisation.


The Bulgarian company Spaceline is a modern broadcasting airtime and technology services provider with global coverage. They have proven experience in innovative radio-transmission technology at national and international level with strong trust in broadcast digitisation – using DRM for first time in Bulgaria for commercial broadcasting. The company is operating one of the few remaining shortwave broadcasting facilities in Europe, located near Sofia, Bulgaria and is equipped with 9 high power, high efficiency DRM capable shortwave transmitters and 32 high gain directional antennas. The facility’s equipment is digitized and is offering fully automated playout and programme delivery via own satellite downlink and redundant Internet, covering Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Space Line is operating also a partner network of transmitter sites around the globe. More information is available on Space Line’s web site


The Swiss company DAC System ( will also attend the Dubai DRM General Assembly. DAC offers solutions for RF Transmission System Monitoring with the latest smart technology. DAC introduces itself as the ultimate system measuring real-time, on-line and remote radio output using features like spectrum analysis and checking of the RF power of all the individual channels.

Receiver manufacturing companies Starwaves ( and RF2Digital ( have also become full members of the DRM Consortium.

They will present their latest developments at the forthcoming DRM General Assembly.