The DRM Standard gets ETSI Update

The DRM Standard gets ETSI Update

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18th January 2021


Though DRM is the newest digital audio standard, how stable is it and will it not be changed in view of the great technological advances today? [Indonesian FM Broadcaster]


It is true that we live in a very fast moving technological age. The Digital Radio Mondiale standard is ITU recommended, proven in extensive tests on all continents to work in all frequency bands. This does not mean that small tweaks and improvements cannot be added. For all those interested in DRM a new version of the DRM System Specification, ETSI ES 201 980V4.2.1, has been published. The document gives the specification for the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system for digital transmissions in the broadcasting bands below 300 MHz. The minor changes or updates refer to unused modulation features and defines additional text handling features.