The Future of DRM Shortwave – Your Question Answered

The Future of DRM Shortwave – Your Question Answered

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We read about declining radio audiences and closures of shortwave transmissions? How does this affect DRM?

(Australian group)

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DRM was started as a complete, better audio and extra multimedia solution to the analogue difficulties of AM and in particular shortwave.

Covid-19 has proven the value of long-range terrestrial broadcasting as a viable plan B or even plan A for many countries and continents (Letter: DRM Is a Real Presence on Shortwave – Radio World). Interest in shortwave and especially digital (DRM) shortwave is on the increase (please see latest news from Brazil: Brazil Prepares for Domestic DRM transmissions to Amazonia.).

Currently no digital local standard or IP can fully replace a digital shortwave transmission
offering at least FM quality and extra data on powers of up to 80% less than in analogue, provided receivers are produced at affordable prices.