Upgrading AM transmitters to DRM – Your Question Answered

Upgrading AM transmitters to DRM – Your Question Answered

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During the recent DRM IBC presentation I heard again that DRM can be introduced on AM with an upgrade of existing infrastructure. What does upgrade mean?

(DRM event participant, Dec 1st)

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In order to go from analogue to digital in AM an (analogue) broadcaster needs to bolt on a few essential and new elements. One is the ContentServer which is fed with audio, data and the multiplex configuration. It is usually placed in the studio but can also be set up at the transmitter site. The ContentServer does the audio encoding, data management and multiplex stream (MDI) generation. This streams goes to the DRM modulator/exciter which generates the digital IQ baseband signal and transforms it to a HF signal. The transmitter in turn puts on air this signal using high power. To illustrate this and refer to your question, at the recent IBC event RFmondial announced a new DRM modulator/exciter which can be used to turn the majority of the many existing analogue transmitters into digital transmitters. (Modern transmitters have a higher degree of digital integration and are often DRM-ready).

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