What can the Consortium do to speed up the production of cheap and available receivers , especially in India?



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What can the Consortium do to speed up the production of cheap and available receivers, especially in India?

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As a not-for-profit organisation promoting the DRM standard, the Consortium cannot by itself producers receivers. It does not have the role and manufacturing, capacity and distribution networks necessary for launching a new digital product. This is a specialised industry which the Consortium is following closely and also supporting with know-how, though this might not always be visible. So, this is not just words. We are much encouraged by the emergence of software defined solutions for both AM and FM. SDR can be used in cars (with an easy upgrade to FM, too), as demonstrated in India. There are new standalone receivers, emerging all the time; the newest will be announced at IBC in December. The Consortium is supporting all these efforts and encouraging manufacturers so that more models are available and in volumes, as only competition and large receiver numbers can bring the price down. But the individual national and private broadcasters, governments and agencies are really the driving for the growth of DRM receivers. (