DRM Field Trials

Information on DRM field trials


Extensive tests and field trials have been conducted throughout the world using the DRM system. The results confirm that the DRM system (both the DRM in AM and DRM in VHF/FM variants) performs according to the specification and that it can be implemented to meet a wide range of requirements in all types of environment. The results are too extensive to adequately cover in this document; instead references are provided to reports, many of which were submitted to the prevailing ITU-R Working Party, to assist in the preparation system and planning standards. The list is not exhaustive, however further references are contained within the listed sources.


Year Field Trials Source Frequency Band
2019 Results of the DRM Simulcast Field Trial in FM Bank in the Russian Federation Results FM
2017 Report of a DRM Mode E Trial in South Africa Final Report Band II
2017 Report on Implementation Trials of DRM in Cooperation Between Radio Republik Indonesia and the DRM Consortium ITU-R Contribution WP6A/306 Band II
2014-2015 Results of Joint Radio Pulpit/ Broadcom/Sentech DRM 30 Trial ITU-R Contribution WP6A/299 MW
2013 Field Trial in Rome on the Possible Use of the DRM+ System in VHF band II to Migrate the FM Sound Broadcasting Service to Digital Technology Vatican City State ITU-R  Contribution WP6A/220 Band II
2011 Results of the DRM High Power Field Trial in the United Kingdom ITU-R Contribution WP6A/532 BBC Research White Paper WHP 199 Band II
2011 Results of the DRM field trial in Band I in Turin, Italy ITU-R Contribution WP6A/512 Band I
2011 DRM Single Frequency Network Field Test Results, Hanover ITU-R Contribution WP6A/504 Band II
2010 Results of the DRM FM band field trial in Sri Lanka ITU-R Contribution WP6A/503 Band II
2010 DRM + field trials in the VHF Band III in Kaiserslautern ITU-R Contribution WP6A/537
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Band III
2009 Field trial with DRM in Paris ITU-R Contribution WP6A/347
Annex 3 DRM Web Site: ITU-R Contribution WP6A/537
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Band I
2009 Project Mayflower: The DRM Trial, UK Project-mayflower-summary MF
2008/2009 DRM + field trials in the VHF Band II in Kaiserslautern ITU-R Contribution WP6A/347

Annex 1 Annex DRM Web Site: ITU-R Contribution WP6A/537

Band II
2008 Local Radio using Digital Radio Mondiale(DRM) in the 26 MHz Band, Germany Lauterbachet al.,”Local Radio using Digital Radio Mondiale(DRM) in the 26 MHz Band –A Résumé at the end of the Nuremberg/Dillbergfield trial” September 18 –19, 2008, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS Erlangen, Germany.

ITU-R Contribution WP6A/454

26 MHz
2007 DRM trial Spain: Multichannel Simulcast, urban and indoor reception in MW Band ITU-R Contribution WP6A/73 MF
2007 Digital Radio Mondiale field trials in Brasilia for local radio coverage using the 26 MHz band Peña et al., “Digital Radio Mondiale field trials in Brasilia for local radio coverage using the 26 MHz band“.  IEEE Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting 2007. Las Vegas (USA) 26 MHz
2007 DRM trials in India: simulcast MW, Tropical Band NVIS and 26 MHz local broadcasting* ITU-R Contribution WP6A/10 MF, HF, 26 MHz
2006 DRM test in the MF band in Italy* ITU-R Contribution SG6/353 MF
2006 DRM/AM simulcast tests at MW in Mexico ITU-R Contribution WP6E/403 MF
2005 DRM Local Coverage
using the 26 MHz Broadcasting Band in Mexico City*
ITU-R Contribution WP6E/274 26 MHz
2004 DRM test in the MF band in Madrid ITU-R Contribution WP6E/175 MF