Minimum Field Strength Level – Your Question Answered

Minimum Field Strength Level – Your Question Answered


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24th May 2021

What is minimum field strength level to receive a DRM signal on receiver? (Abdulrajak Hebbalkar)


DRM is the all-band (AM and VHF), green, open and ITU recommended standard. More and more receivers are now featuring DRM reception in all bands and a host of other features (see DRM Radio Receivers leaflet). The answer to your direct question is that this depends upon a number of technical factors. You will see that It depends on the frequency band, DRM transmission mode and protection level, as well as the sensibility, selectivity and behaviour in overload conditions of the receivers. The reception environment has a considerable influence on the requirements – in city areas man-made noise is typically a major challenge as opposed to rural areas. And they may vary considerably from location to location. You will find different cases covered on pages 62-72 of the DRM Handbook available for free: