What kind of receiver can we get to use for lessons delivered by DRM?


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What kind of receiver can we get to use for lessons delivered by DRM?  What is the difference in cost between a normal DRM receiver and a DRM receiver for education? Sender: Bo Htoon


A DRM receiver made according to the minimum receiver requirements will have a smaller or larger screen, with a display of different fonts and colours, and will deliver news, music or educational audio and text information, as required. No two types of receivers required. Delivering education via DRM is no different from delivering excellent audio in all bands and multimedia features. People usually think of data as being song names, prices or sports results. And why not education information, if necessary? The DRM technology does and cannot not choose the content. The DRM platform delivers files, audio and text, as requested and set up. As DRM delivers on any broadcast band up to three audio channels and a data channel in the spectrum allocation that currently might deliver one single analogue programme, the audio content and the data content are not dictated by the technology. If instead of pop-song titles you want to have educational content, the DRM will enable this. To synchronise audio with the data seen on the screen is requiring a bit of a set up by the teachers, producers involved and some work at the level of the studio and content server but not at the level of the receiver. A good receiver will deliver no matter what information, entertainment or educational, audio and visual material.

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