xHE-AAC Receiver Support – Your Question Answered

xHE-AAC Receiver Support – Your Question Answered

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I would like to use xHE-AAC as a customer is keen to reach as wide an audience as possible using DRM. Is this widely used or is it preferable to use HE-AAC?

(British expert)

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Apart from some very old standalone models and a very small number of first-generation car receivers, all available DRM receivers today support the xHE-AAC audio codec. For the old and for many years out-of-production Uniwave and CDNSE (Newstar) receivers a firmware upgrade is available. All receivers since (car radios, Gospell, Avion, Android apps, etc.) as well as all receivers currently in development (Starwaves, CML-based) feature native support for xHE-AAC.