Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) receivers – Your Question Answered

Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) receivers – Your Question Answered

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If DRM receivers can alert people to disasters, are all receivers then equipped with this service? (Indonesian engineer)

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The Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) is a key part of the DRM standard. Any receiver claiming EWF capability must comply with its full specification – from reacting to alarm signals and switching to the emergency programme, to presenting the full emergency programme consisting of audio and Journaline text information in one or several languages and dialects. This can only happen, of course, when the receiver is on or in standby position. Transmitters which are DRM capable require a DRM modulator and content server in order to make DRM broadcasts, and EWF features inside this equipment. Note that – depending upon manufacturer and model – the transmitter may be retrofitted with DRM equipment to facilitate broadcasts. Alternatively, new equipment may be required.