A selection of the best responses to our webinar

Testimonial from Seong-Jun Kim of KETI who said: “Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to attend the DRM webinar. It was the first time I have experienced a webinar, and the sound and images were very clear. I think it is a very efficient way to provide information. Thank you all for the very informative presentation. I was listening to the advantages of DRM+ over other digital radio standards (e.g. DAB(+), HD Radio), and a question came into my mind. Your answer clarified the point and it was a great help.”

Question from a webinar attendee: What kind of ongoing activities exist to boost the development of DRM+ receivers (portable, automotive equipment,…) on a high scale?

DRM answer: The activities to directly get in touch with manufacturers (both chipset and receiver modules/devices) have been drastically increased by the Consortium over the last two years. Recent successes include important chipset manufacturers joining the Consortium. However, we have to accept that there is a general rule: there is no development started on the receiver side unless there is a strong commitment from broadcasters to cover an attractive market. Therefore, any activity might have been fruitless if not for the very important signals given by countries like India, Russia, and possibly Brazil.


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