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Ampegon, based near Zurich in Switzerland, is the world’s leading provider of shortwave transmitters. Our transmitter range has various technological solutions for broadcasting at RF powers between 1kW and 500kW average outputs. Using the latest shortwave technology, transmissions can be made from a single transmitter across entire countries, regionally, or intercontinentally with high reliability and efficiency. As a member of the DRM consortium, all modern Ampegon transmitters are DRM-capable while many older models (including those supplied under the Thomson or Thales brands) are capable to be retrofitted with control system upgrades facilitating digital transmissions. Contact our experts to discuss your needs today using by emailing  or using the website link.

For over 30 years, Fraunhofer IIS has been a constant innovator in radio services and technologies, and a reliable supplier to the radio broadcast industry – all along the broadcast chain from studio to receiver. Today, Fraunhofer IIS is proud to provide a true one-stop shop offering to manufacturers, and a full service bouquet to broadcasters. Accordingly, our fields of activity comprise: Technologies, Solutions and Services.

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Nautel offers the industry’s broadest offering of solid-state DRM transmitters ranging from 1 kW to 2,000 kW MW with the NX Series, and 3.5 kW to 80 kW FM with the GV Series.

Whether building the BIGGEST or building for a BILLION, Nautel is ready to take on the world’s largest digital radio deployments.

BIGGEST – Five solid-state, DRM-enabled NX400 transmitters and a 2,000 kW combiner comprise the 2 Megawatt system at Europe’s most powerful MW station, Antenna Hungária.

BILLION – 33 DRM-enabled MW-AM NX Series transmitters comprised the world’s largest digital radio deployment to date for All India Radio which has the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents of the country.

RFmondial offers professional products and services for the digital broadcasting industry as well as other industries with the need for innovative hardware and software. Research, development and prototype implementation for transmitter, receiver, and monitoring technology as well as design services for various industries are part of our core business. With our broad experience in different technological areas we serve world-wide markets „Made in Germany“.

Gospell is a Chinese high-tech company with R&D, production and sales activities. It has been engaged in the development and production of DRM digital receivers as well as head-end products for more than ten years. The DRM products range from desktop to pocket digital radios.

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Inntot based in India has an SDR based automotive receiver solution for DRM digital radios. Inntot is working with some of the major automotive tier-1 companies to launch the DRM receiver through OEMs.

NXP is the number one in automotive infotainment systems and the global market and innovation leader for car radio solutions has developed new DRM solutions for OEMs.

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RF2Digital (South Korea) are in advanced development of their SDR solution for the automotive industry, supporting both DRM and analogue frequency bands. In addition, RF2Digital supports other standards as well

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Skyworks is a leading provider of automotive solutions.

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Starwaves is a German/Swiss company.

Space Line Ltd is modern broadcasting airtime and technology services provider with global coverage and  proven experience in innovations in radio-transmission technology at national and international level with strong trust in broadcast digitalization – inventing  DRM for first time in Bulgaria for commercial broadcasting and participating actively into the DRM developments since then.  The first ever DRM transmission on shortwave from Bulgaria was performed by transmitter modernized and renovated by Space Line LTD.

The company is operating solely one of the few remaining shortwave broadcasting facilities in Europe, located near Sofia, Bulgaria equipped with 9 high power, high efficiency all DRM capable shortwave transmitters and 32 high gain directional antennas. The facility’s equipment is maximum digitized and is offering fully automated playout and program delivery via own satellite downlink and redundant Internet.   covering Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia and Africa. All the facility’s equipment is modernized by Space Line Ltd for maximum efficiency and best transmission quality for Space Line customers.  

Space Line is operating also a partner network of transmitter sites around the globe, whose equipment was modernized by Space Line,  providing comprehensive high-quality broadcasting coverage for the programmes of its international customers in AM and DRM.

SpaceLine Is active modern transmission technology inventor on international level, with number of high-power transmitter and antenna renovation projects accomplished abroad and the company is also developing and integrating radio-transmission, automation and radio-communication equipment for its customers by its own.

Space Line LTD facilities are available offering airtime on SW/MW/LW, DRM and Analogue -AM with global coverage at very affordable rates and special discounts for DRM broadcasting that saves up to 15% of the transmission costs.

More information is  available on SpaceLine’s web site.


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