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Ampegon produces two distinct ranges of transmitters: lower power solid state-transmitters and higher power tube transmitters.

Tube transmitters are available with 100kW, 300kW or 500kW maximum power ratings, while the solid-state range is modular with power outputs between 1.5kW and 25kW.

Broadcast transmitters can be supplied alone, or along with a range of broadcast auxiliaries, necessary for remote control and monitoring, and test loads.


DRM CS-R7 Screenshot Mux Editor

The Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer™ R7 Technology is a flexible and highly reliable professional broadcasting solution for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale). It combines internal audio encoding, support for remote audio encoders, multimedia data management and multiplex generation. A convenient and user-friendly web interface enables configuration and system monitoring via remote access (ContentServer-as-a-Service concept).


Nautel offers the industry’s broadest offering of solid-state DRM models ranging from 1 kW to 2,000 kW MW with the NX Series, and 3.5 kW to 80 kW FM with the GV Series.


RFmondial DRM CS Content Server

The RFmondial DRM ContentServer is a highly reliable professional broadcast system for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) based on Fraunhofer technology. It provides all data and audio services and offers all interfaces for a smooth integration into the broadcast chain.

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RFmondial DRM modulator

The LV Series DRM modulator familiy uses MDI-delivered radio content to produce a modulated and/or RF-transformed radio signal which conforms to ETSI ES 201980:


The RFmondial DRM Monitoring and Measurement Receiver RF-SE is a professional DRM/AM/FM monitoring and measurement receiver, which is available in different models depending on the desired application.

Basic Features:

RFmondial DRM Exciter LVe

The RFmondial DRM Exciter LVe is a fully Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) broadcast exciter, tunable within the LW, MW and SW frequency bands 9 kHz – 30 MHz (AM bands) or 65 MHz – 230 MHz (VHF bands).

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